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Decorative, Backlit & Acoustic Panels

AlphaW acoustic panels are designed for both commercial and residential applications. They are lightweight aluminium frames that can be hung on walls and ceilings filled with sound absorbing foam. The panels are covered with a removable, environmentally friendly and machine washable fabric that is printed on using high resolution imagery to create stunning visuals.

Architects and designers now have the perfect solution to manage an area’s ambient noise levels, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of their space.

If you are looking to fine-tune your acoustics and transform your space, the solution is AlphaW Design.

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Lightweight aluminium frame

Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Made to measure acoustic panel

Made to measure acoustic panel

Detachable Fabric


Sound absorbing panels

Open Plan Office Acoustic Panels

Backlit panels

Backlit Panels ideal for Exhibitions

Decorative promotional panels

Decorative Sales Aids