Squirrel Fixing System for DuPont™ Corian®

Unleash the Power of Your Imagination

The Squirrel® fixing system is designed with Corian® in mind and enables fabricators to bolt directly into the solid surface of Corian®; easily and efficiently.

The Squirrel® enables endless possibilities for designers, architects and fabricators. The device has already proved its worth in a number of new applications including the Corian® Jigsaw by PowerDesk and other new furniture designs that use only metal and Corian®.

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A New Creative License

Squirrel Fixing System Components

The Squirrel Hinge

How the Squirrel Fixing System works

Squirrel Fixings®

Squirrel Fixing System finished design

Amazing Corian® Cladding

Ideal for bespoke commercial applications

Bespoke Commercial Projects

Corian Furniture made possible with the Squirrel fixing system

Illuminated Walls

Fix Corian Doors