Universal Wireless Charging

The PK107 - Universal Wireless Charging System

The next generation in Wireless Charging, the PK107 uses the latest ‘Magnetic Resonance’ technology to transfer power through surfaces up to 50mm thick. (this includes laminate, granite, quartz, Corian® and all other solid surfaces)

The transmitter is simply mounted under the work surface and pairs with a receiver dongle that clicks straight into almost all Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

Installation is clean and quick, and gives you the option of moving the charger at a later date.

There are many wireless chargers on the market using the old Qi and PMA technologies, which usually limit you to a 12mm maximum gap between the transmitter and receiver. This means they can only work in most applications by making holes or routing the surface where the charger is to be located. The charging zone of these units is typically very small.

PK107 operates with a gap between the under mount transmitter and dongle of 50mm, which eliminates any extra surface preparation or work.

Once the transmitter is installed, the surface will become active for wireless charging with an area approximately 250mm x 200mm. You simply connect the receiver dongle to phone or tablet and place it in the charging zone.

The unit is perfect for a host of different applications including hotels (bedside tables, reception desks, lounges etc.) office furniture, desking, coffee shops, restaurants, and almost anywhere around the home.

Next Generation Wireless Charging

Easy to install

Easy to install

Cross platform charging

Android & Apple charging

Works with most surfaces

Works on surfaces up to 50mm thick

Large charging area

Large charging area

Charge multiple devices

Multiple device charging

Discreet and easy

Ideal for commercial surfaces